4 Tips On Reducing Fat In An Average Diet

1. Serve moderately lean cuts portion of meat. Trim off excess fat from meat before cooking or before serving.

2. Use more chicken, poultry and fish ,instead of beef, in the daily food intake

3. Broil or boil instead of fry foods. Use cooking methods that do not consistently add unnecessary fat to the daily diet.

4. Use less-sodium margarine for bread spread.



7 Time-Saving, Windows Shortcuts

Most of us use Windows at work. But only a few actually know time-saving shortcuts that would make work simpler.  Check some of them below.

(Win = Windows logo key)

1.) Win : Open Start Menu

2.) Win+L: Lock computer

3.) Win+D: Display the Desktop

4.) Win+E: Open Computer

5.) Win+F: Search for a file or folder

6.) Win+M: Minimize all windows

7.) Win+R: Open the Run dialog box